Thursday, August 28, 2008

Fellini Knoxville

Sadly, and I know I've mentioned this, but Michael and I have seen little of Knoxville so far beyond our house and the Fellini Kroger down the hill from us. And yes, the townspeople call it Fellini Kroger. Someone online claims that the Fellini Kroger was built on the grounds of an insane asylum that performed experiments on mentally ill people. I don't know if that's true, but I'm very pleased to be living in a town that is capable of creating such a mythology.

I found this image online with the caption "You know it's Tax Day in Knoxville when these guys are sitting outside the Fellini Kroger":

On Monday, we will witness more of the goodness of Knoxville when Boomsday happens, which is like this super big deal of a fireworks event. They set them off from the Gay Street Bridge. As I am a big fan of fireworks, I am very much looking forward to this. Again, to assist you in viewing the experience, a photo I found online:

And here are a few photos of our place where we spend most of our time. The first here is a picture of our deck which is wet because it's been raining for three days straight. It is apparently the first rain in 25 days, proving the old adage, when it rains, blah blah blah:

Lastly, a picture of our bookshelves, which we just purchased (the two on the sides that are not leaning slightly to the left), and which we fought over while we put them together. Ah, marriage. The highlight here is the awesome typewriters our friends Bethlynn and Calvin bought us for our wedding. They are beautiful, one for each. Extraordinary present, no? We are still blushing from the love of it:

We are off soon to continue our search for the grocery store that will most suit our needs. Oh, Meijer, how I miss you.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


I like it so far. Michael and I spend a tremendous amount of time at home, and so I have little to report of the greater Knoxville area. But since I have only been here for a week and a half, I think this is okay.

More to come soon with pictures and funny turns of phrases and all the stops pulled out.