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Friday, February 10, 2012

Things Atticus Says at Age Two and a Half That I Will Miss

This post is only interesting to me and that's fine. I want a record of this. Here are the things Atticus says the most at age two-and-a-half.

1. Man gotta do.

2. Readabook, Mommy. (Yes, that's all one word and also a command)

3. No, Daddys, talk to Mommys. (Leave me alone, Daddy, I'm trying to talk to Mommy)

4. Yes, sir! (with hand on the top of the head, missing the mark of his forehead slightly)


6. Watch 'yardigans.

7. At-tis have special treat?

8. No, I At-tis. (When asked if he's hungry or if he's a puppy)

9. Good puppy, good puppy.

10. Hi, buddy! Hi, buddy! (to anyone in our neighborhood who will take the time to talk to him)

11. Mommy have yummies? (right before he eats all the food on my plate)

12. Want bacon!

13. At-tis tookies? (Atticus have cookies?)

14. At-tis atman snacks? (Atticus have Batman fruit snacks?)

15. Mommy sit couch watch a show.

16. Daddy on pooter? Watch dancing diggers? (Daddy on computer)

17. Oh, man. Oh, man. (to express disappointment)

18. Dis' a back hoe. (This truck is a back hoe)

19. Grampa's workshop At-tis hammer and nails and saw.

20. Carter, James, Baby Sophie, Sam, Dia, Baby Harper, Weston ... (listing his friends before he goes to bed)

21. Daddy Atman. At-tis Robin.

22. Just a second.

23. Puppy tiss! (Puppy kiss, right before licking your face)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

List of Baby Things You Might Need (or Might Not Need)

I have forwarded the following list to about a zillion friends and have just realized how much easier it would be to just post it here and use this link as reference. If it's your time to have your first baby and you feel completely confused by what the heck you should be registering for, check this list out. It's certainly not the end all, be all - and I encourage additions via comments from fellow mamas and papas - but it's a good list, one I've been cultivating for two years now.

Things you need/might use

Dr. Sears, "The Baby Book" (absolutely invaluable - the bible of baby books)
Soft Muslin Blankets (Aden + Anais or Hudson Baby for a cheaper option)
Burp/Spit-up Cloths (old school diaper cloths)
Monitor (I'd get a digital video one if I did it again)
Boppy Nursing Pillow
Booster Seat with Tray
Changing Table
Baby Hangers with Clips
Portable Crib with Bassinette that fits in (for baby to sleep next to you for first couple of months if you so choose)
High Chair (Wish like hell I could've afforded the Tripp Trapp one)
Jogging Stroller
Cheap stroller to keep in trunk of car
Sling or Carrier (I use both, but my carrier more.  Baby Bjorn is popular, but has a lower weight limit)
Zutano Fleece Booties (absolutely indispensable - the only sock- or shoe-like item that stays on)
Infant Bathtub
Spout Cover
Towels/Baby Washcloths
Aveeno Baby Soap/Shampoo
First Aid Kit with Nail Clippers
Drainable Bath Scoop
Bumbo Baby Seat
Johnny Jump-Up
Shampoo Shield/Visor (so brilliant - love this thing)
Toy Chests/Bins
Diaper Bag (I think Skip Hop makes the cutest, most affordable ones): http://www.skiphop.com/
Activity Center
Desitin (I've only used half of one tube over the last year)
Usborne Books
Robeez Baby Shoes (for when they walk - if not this brand then just this style)
Night Light (we have this one: http://bestbabyshower.com/twtubaslai.html)
Potty Chair (for later)
Mirrors for car
Binky Straps
Containers for snacks (Munchkin Snack Catcher is genius)
Spill-proof cups for later (I like the Avents the best as they're the easiest to clean thoroughly)
Infant Carrier
Carseat (for after the Infant Carrier)
Carseat Saver
Fold-up Outdoor Blanket (like this one: http://www.skiphop.com/product/centralpark.html)
A lifetime supply of Gerber Graduate Puffs (also known as baby crack)
Dutalier Nursery Slider/Ottoman (yeah, um, this one's really expensive)

Nursing Stuff
Medela Breast Pump (Pump In Style is the one I have - they're expensive, but necessary, in my opinion)
Medela Nursing Bras (Here's the one I wore for eleven months: http://www.amazon.com/Medela-Softcup-Seamless-Assorted-Colors/dp/B0008MFDDE)
Medela Sleeping Bras: http://www.amazon.com/Medela-Womens-Sleep-Nursing-Bra/dp/B000JK0FOW/ref=pd_sbs_a_4
Nursing Pads (NOT the disposable ones! They're uncomfortable)
Medela Nursing Bottles (to go with the Pump In Style)
Breastmilk Freezer Storage Bags
Lansinoh (small, small, small container - you won't need it long)

Things you don't need/probably won't use
Socks (at least that many of them)
Bottles (You'll need them, but not that many, really - or at least, Atticus didn't need many)
Shoes (for infants)
A winter jacket for a baby - (blankets are easier and you can't put a baby in a jacket in a carseat)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Warby Parker Challenge, Take Two

Okay, so I wasn't happy with the fit of my first round of choices from Warby Parker (which, by the way, is a really excellent company that I have been very happy to work with over the past couple of weeks. Excellent communication and excellent customer service - plus a great price! Hard to beat).

Okay, please weigh on on these next five. I have a favorite already, but I'll withhold that for now.

1. The Nedwin

2. The Finn (again, but a new color)

3. The Reece

4. The Fitz

5. The Japhy