Saturday, July 7, 2007

Because Fat is (Apparently) Disgusting

I've come across these images many times of late in the blogosphere and felt a sense of obligation to continue the discussion they stimulate. The following images are from a Brazilian yogurt ad campaign intended as a warning to women that no one likes fatties. Keep in mind that the tagline for the following ads is: Forget about it. Men's preference will never change. Fit Light Yogurt.

I say we suggest new taglines for this breathtakingly offensive ad campaign. Here are some suggestions for 1-3:

1. Men's preferences will never change. This chick will always be hotter than Mena Suvari (except when Suvari is playing a lesbian on Six Feet Under, because guys can't help themselves in thinking girl on girl is very, very hot).

2. It's true. Man's preferences will never change. Every stolen glance of panty is an awesome glance of panty.

3. Smart women prefer to keep their legs closed no matter what that crafty cameraman said.

That's all 145 pounds of me has to offer today.


Anonymous said...

Fuck all those skinny bitches!

Foxygen said...

It surprises me that Kate Winslet is mentioned for her weight just as much (or more) as she is for her acting. She's thinner than I am. I guess I wouldn't make it in Hollywood.

That chick is way hotter than Mena Suvari. She didn't live up to her potential, and that's just not hot, no matter how much you weigh.

Susie said...

There are villages in Africa where the women spend an entire year in seclusion fattening up in preparation for marriage. Yes, they eat for a year (and get massaged so the fat goes in the 'right' place) with the purpose of attracting a husband! said...

I think the media in this country has nothing else to think about but OTHER than woman's weight and fashion. Really, there is so so much more to life!

edel said...

the people behind that riddiculously unintelligent ad campaign should be seriously dissapointed in themselves, they should spend a day with a family who has lost an impressionable family memeber to anorexia, women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful, I myself am a curvy, gorgeous woman and let me tell you...I am as much in demand by men as any 'size zero' lady is.
its all about making the best of your shape, and being confident.
but then...with ad campaigns like this one, which target insecure women, how are we ever, ever gonna grow together as a generation of confident, women making the most of their shape?

Coralee said...

It's quite funny, that as soon as some sense of honesty is brought to the table it's immediately deemed "extremely offensive" and "an outrage". We all know fat is bad.
Bad for your health, bad if you're attempting to be attractive;
but god forbid the media agree!
In reference to the "fat chick" being hotter then Mena Suvari, well Mena Suvari is far prettier then that FAT woman in those ads. The difference is Mena has made something of her life and that women is posing as the token fat chick on a yogurt ad that was designed to reinforce how skinny always wins.
I hate it when people like 'bikerbethlynn' say there is more to life, because yes your quite right in saying so, but it doesn't completely wipe the factor of weight from our lives. It is still there and some attention will be payed to it; so don't go mouthing off about how "oh but there is more to life!" because,yes,but your the one who's obviously been googling weight loss or fashion to find yourself here.
also in reference to 'edel's comment, speaking of anorexia as though it's some fatal epidemic sweeping the globe like obesity isn't. sweetheart, as devastating as anorexia is, I think you'll find there are more people who's health is suffering from the cholesterol clogging their arteries rather then the lack of.