Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Okay, here's seven facts ...

I was tagged to write seven facts about myself, ostensibly, facts nobody knows.

1. I like to use big words like ostensibly.

2. I was electrocuted when I was five. The scar on the right side of my mouth is evidence.

3. I peed my pants while giving a book report in the first grade. I was standing at the front of the class -- wearing a skirt.

4. I used to make up stories, elaborate additions, and altogether different directions for the books I read for book report day in the first grade. The way I told it, the Berenstein Bears had adventures they never really had. This may or may not have something to do with the peeing.

5. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Catherine Laboure, and Gwen Stefani are three of my personal heroes.

6. I became a vegetarian when I was 14. I did it because I wanted to be cool.

7. Sometimes I wonder if I should be a nun.

So I am to tag seven people now, but I don't know how they'll know. If you happen to read this, I tag: Mandy, Bethlynn, Robin, Anna, Jason, and Sue.

Yes, I know. I can count. That's only six, but I've been thinking about Billy Collins and sonnets and the line: "All we need is fourteen lines, well, thirteen now ..." I like the reduction and the doing and undoing, and yes, I am quoting Thomas Lynch from an interview I did with him last week in case you were wondering.


Nik said...

Oh man those are great facts! Esp. the peeing of course. But also--I too made up different plots to go with different books for book reports--the teachers? They never seemed to notice.

Foxygen said...

Jason's not going to do this. He's a jerk who hasn't updated his blog since July!

Anonymous said...

I'll do it.

1.) My parents had a lot of lot of money, I do not.

2.) A teacher picked me up in front of the class when I was in the thrid grade-my dress hiked up and the class saw my underware.

3.) I wore glasses for two years as a child and then not again till I was a sophmore in college.

4.) I had two greyhound dogs and loved them very very much.

5.) I hate to play scrabble, I never ever win and my vocabulary is crap.....

6.) I used to play twister naked in college, with oil!

7.) If I could be a grip on a broadway show I'd do so in a heart beat!

dan said...

You weren't electrocuted; if you were, you'd be dead now. That's nitpicky, but for some reason I've been annoyed by that particular word misuse since I was a teenager.