Sunday, December 30, 2007

Celebrity Chefs

Exhibit A: Celebrity Chef Michael Symon of Lola's

I like eating. And even as a vegetarian, a breed of eater fine chefs call "grade A celery munchers," I enjoy really fine food. This week I had my first celebrity chef experience. I went to Lola in downtown Cleveland, the restaurant of Chef Michael Symon (see above photo), who is currently competing on the Next Iron Chef. I went for lunch and among the delightful foods on our table, there was beef cheek pierogi, pork schnitzel, lola fries, great lakes beer cheddar soup, and an unbelievable macaroni and cheese. And who was cooking in the kitchen? None other than the cackling Michael Symon himself. I was pretty darn geeked, I don't mind telling you. It took a great deal of reserve to refrain from snapping photos. I really felt quite starstruck.

I didn't take a photo. I was civilized and well-behaved even as Symon walked around schmoozing with the VIPs. And the food? Honestly, it was very, very good.

Exhibit B: Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain of Les Halles

In a month, I will be eating at Les Halles in New York, home of Anthony Bourdain who I have more than a mild crush on. Fortunately, there will be little chance of me making a fool of myself as Bourdain is now travelling so much that it is unlikely that he will be in the kitchen. But still, even in his absence, I'm guessing several tourist-like photos will be taken. I can only remain restrained for so long.


Foxygen said...

If there's one thing Anthony Bourdain doesn't like, it's vegetarians. And Rachael Ray. Just be pleasant and eat what they put in front of you.

I'm hoping we can go to some of the snobby Portland restaurants soon. They're like, all the rage.

Nik said...

I so want to go to Les Halles. Perhaps I can drag someone from AWP to go with me. I'm sad Erik probably isn't coming this year.

I want to go to fancy Portland restaurants too. I miss Wildwood and Higgins and so many delicious places. Perhaps AWP will be in Portland again one day...

Anonymous said...

I think both the men are pretty. I do not know about their food but hey, their faces look darn good to me.

It is OK to make a fool of yourself. Just remember to tell them your name is Patty if they has worked for me when I've been a bit off my game!


Anonymous said...

I'm on day four of my fast. This post makes me want to kill myself. Wait, eat some of those french fries first and then kill myself.