Sunday, March 30, 2008

Things I Would Miss

Okay, so this title and list idea is completely and entirely lifted from Otterbutt. My equal apologies and thanks. With the advent of her taking leave of my fine state and fine city, she has posted those things she would most miss about Grand Rapids. Well, I will miss her terribly.

Here is my list if I were to be leaving, which, at some point, seems a likely eventuality:

1. My family
2. Logan's Alley on Michigan Street
3. US131, which is always navigable, even when it's down to one lane
4. Meijer
5. Recognizing 60% of the people I see and trying to remember how it is I know them
6. Looking out the window of my apartment
7. Rollerblading down Kent Trails
8. Vertigo, the greatest music shop ever, on Division
9. Going to Little Mexico Cafe with Texas friends who approve of the food
10. Proximity to a Nordstrom's Rack where I go for therapy on some very stressful weekdays
11. Proximity to the beach
12. Proximity to Chicago and Detroit
13. Pleasant Michigan summers
14. Lakes-a-plenty
15. The fact that it only gets better every single day
16. The fact that it is constantly in a growing state
17. The fact that I can drive down the street and frequently find a new bar or little shop that just opened
18. The fact that the Domino's on my street takes an absurd amount of pride in the quality of their pizza as though they were a gourmet pizza place
19. The fact that Grand Rapids will always be here for me
20. The fact that I will always have come from it


Nik said...

I know. You are so right. Except I haven't tried the Domino's yet even though we live 3 blocks away. I'll try it even though they give the money to the crazies. The little shops and bars that open? I will miss that every day. You are wise and this is a list to keep forever.
This however: "Recognizing 60% of the people I see and trying to remember how it is I know them" seems to happen whereever one goes. I'm pretty sure I'm being followed. Across the country and back again.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a Domino's that must be! bls