Monday, April 28, 2008

Knoxville Living

My friend Vicki turned me on to the Travel section of Bust magazine (, which offers a wide selection of shopping, eating, and general living suggestions from its readers. Just go to, click on the Travel section, then type in your city. I'm putting this out there for all the friends of mine who will soon be heading out to new and exciting places. It's good to know what's fun and worthy when moving to a new place.

That having been said, does anyone have some helpful information for me regarding Knoxville Tennessee? I'd be grateful.

Here's what I'm looking forward to the most - something called the Great Rubber Duck Race, which occurs annually in August. For $5, you can purchase a rubber duck that will race other ducks down the Tennessee River. Seriously, that's my kind of town:


Anonymous said...

Hello Honey,
The great rubber duck race is done in Battle Creek and many cities across the US of A. It is a fund raise for non profits. Fun to watch. Most of the time a raft race is held prior with rafts that have no legal right to float and raft makers whose paid profession is far away removed from water of any sort! Blynn

Nik said...

Nice site, the bust. Makes me almost excited to move again. I'm off to check out your new place.

Jason Olsen said...

Wow. The place I'm moving to doesn't have a listing. That shocks me not at all.

Foxygen said...

I've learned new things about my city already.

Of course, I try to avoid all the hippie stuff, but apparently there are other places to shop around town.