Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo Essay for a 65 Degree Day

Birds on a wire at the end of my street. Can you see their pretty, red-painted throats?
This is what we call a Tennessee yard dog. Sure, she looks sweet, but she's protective as hell. I have jumped many a time when passing by her.
This is no joke. A Tennessee yard dog is not something you want to mess with. Believe you me.
The street where I live.
Seriously, I can't get enough of these doves.
These pretty yellow flowers are in my backyard. I daresay they are crocuses, though I am not certain of this. Isn't it weird how sometimes we think we know the names of things, though we are not sure why?
This is the infrequently blooming bloom from the pond lilies my Aunt Sharon bought for me many, many years ago. I just keep cutting them over and over again and they grow like crazy. I love them.
Ain't this an ugly bush? My landlord encourages me to kill it by any means necessary. Any suggestions?
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I would like to know the name of this tree. My students cannot tell me which I think makes them very poor Tennesseeans.


Nik said...

Those are daffodils already. Shocking! Daffodils in March. Crocuses show up in April in GR if you're lucky, then daffodils.
Freakish southerly states.
I'd kill that ugly tree by tying a chain to my truck and pulling his ass out of there--but that's just because I like to pretend I'm from Tennessee.

Molly said...

Of course! Daffodils! What was I thinking? These babies have been up for two weeks now. The purple ones are crocuses, no? I think I need to get a book and just walk around my neighborhood with it and a camera. Which is not at all creepy.

Anonymous said...

Crocuses can be white, yellow, pink, purple....That bush is a flowering bush but I do not know how to spell its name. The bush (starts with an r and ends with ium I believe, I'm looking it up now) lives best in soil that has much acid. When in bloom they are quite lovely....Blynn...BTW, I love the yard dog, he is cute, I feel certain scary but so darn cute!