Monday, August 17, 2009

Atticus's Next Dance Crew

My husband and I have a new guilty pleasure: Randy Jackson's America's Best Dance Crew. It has nothing to do with Mario Lopez's abs, the ghetto fabulousness of Lil' Mama, or the questionable charisma of JC Chasez. We just like to watch the bizarre athleticism and weird quick twitch muscles of the male dance crews mainly. How they get their bodies to polarize and stop motion in such inhuman positions is a source of constant wonder for us.

Here we submit our son for the next show. We're not sure yet, but we're thinking of calling Atticus's crew "Polska Baby." We're looking for other talented Poles to join him, but only the best need send audition tapes. Age not a consideration.

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Anonymous said...

I gotta say I question how you son feels about this "game" given the looks on his face as he is "preforming". I'll give it a second look prior to calling Greater Tenn Valley Social Services. BLynn

Molly said...

Are you kidding? He's not crying. For a newborn, that means he's overwhelmed with happiness.

B. Marzoni said...

i don't know what i love more:

a) Michael's techno impersonation

b) Atticus's, yeah-this-is-fun-but-when-we-are-done-i'm-a-gonna-puke-on-you, wide-eyed wonder

or, c) your Randy Jackson

Molly said...

Sadly (or awesomely?), this is not the first time my Randy Jackson impersonation has been noted.