Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Slowly Tumping Baby

Video is one of those words that begins to sound funny when you say it several times in a row: video, video, video. By the third or fourth repetition, one cannot help but say it with a Spanish accent, changing the stress to the second syllable: vi-DAY-o, vi-DAY-o, vi-DAY-o. After that, it just becomes a mindless game only your mouth can participate in. 'Probably too much said there.

My in-laws got us a supercool digital camcorder that is the exact same size as my phone. Seriously, it is bad ass. Now I must post videos in celebration of the thing.

So this is a video that will probably be used in Atticus's future therapist's office to prove how mean we are as parents. He is trying very hard not to tump over onto his back here and we are inordinately amused. Notice near the end, I come around and blame Michael, though it is clearly my laugh heard the loudest here. I really must try harder to be a nicer mommy, though I am not as bad as some people who flutter their finger on their son's lips when he is crying to hear what it would sound like if Atticus were crying into a fan. Ahem.

As always, if you are on Facebook and want to view the video, go to www.mollyjorose.blogspot.com. I guess Facebook cannot support videos.


Stephanie said...

YEAHHHHH!!! I need more Atticus videos! Glad you got the camera working and catching stuff like this. Any NO you aren't mean. We all do it. We fin the struggles both adorable and sad all at the same time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, the learning curve is so much larger and last so much longer than I ever will (or want to ) remember....he is such a cutie and the sound of frustration so darn adorable....blynn