Sunday, February 21, 2010

Food Rut

It happens to all of us. There comes a time when nothing sounds delicious and no recipe intrigues. I am there. I am officially in a food rut.

Usually when this happens, I bust out the cookbooks, stroll through the pages and pull forth new and unexpected ingredient options to tease and awaken a sleeping palate. But this time, the cookbooks aren't working, nor are the cooking shows we watch ad nauseum, nor is my trusted and true Bon Appetit magazine - a boon which has contributed many a new recipe to our dining lexicon, such as blueberry lemon shortcake and fake fried chicken.

What to do when nothing at the grocery store excites one to eat something delicious? The only thing seasonal at this time of the year in Tennessee markets are pineapples. I like pineapples very much, but not so much as a savory component. And anyway, they are rather on the small side right now.

It's a time for ordering Chinese food in. That's usually my strategy, but one can only afford to do so a couple of times before one must return to ones own food stores. What to do? Where to eat? Food inspiration is in short supply.

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