Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Play, Part Deux

I found a place to play and I felt I owed it to others to share the joy.

First off, let me just say that my gym sincerely rocks. It's a YMCA with two pools, one of which has a huge twisty slide and a lazy river. Now that's just cool. Recently, the coolness level has been upped by a zillion with the addition of this room they call the Strive Room. The name doesn't sell it, but I'm about to.

First, there are two Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) machines in this room. Yesterday, this really lovely man who in no way looked 54-years old - seriously, bald black man can get away with anything - played DDR with me. We played it at the slowest level possible so that I could finally figure out how to do it. I received a C-level, which is average, just like in school. This is a great improvement for me. I usually leave the machine wanting to cry as I suck so bad at it.

Next, and here's where it gets unbelievably awesome, they have this giant machine whose purpose sort of resembles that Simon game from our youths. 'Remember that game? The one where you have to follow light patterns and push the buttons? Well, this thing is like that only it's huge and you have to punch and kick the giant buttons surrounding you. It was so awesome.

Lastly, they had video racing games hooked up to actual exercise bikes. Now, I really suck at racing games. I am a good driver in real life, but I cannot keep the video car on the road for the life of me. Still, that was some serious fun pedaling my tush off while trying to catch up with my 54-year old friend who in no way looked 54. When the game was done, my legs were Jell-o. I can't wait to go back!

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Nik said...

Woah. You are more fun than drinking at the bar. Or at least as fun.