Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Snow Day

The Snow Day is officially a good day to write. I am under obligation to submit 3000 words to a couple of lady writer friends by Sunday. (Nik, that is your official reminder). I have written about a 1000 thus far and I'm feeling pretty good about that. I've also done the requisite applying and submitting for this week, but am looking for some recommendations on places to submit. I need variety. I need a new vision. I need the spontaneity that only someone else's list of journals can provide.

Suggestions? I'll be forever grateful.

The snow today is in competition with the horizon. It moves like it. It fills it.


Foxygen said...

I think maybe if I start writing in my blog more, I might eventually have something worthwhile to say.

One can hope.

Anonymous said...

I say write about the lovely white choclate rasberry scones located across the street. They are so so beautiful. If you choose not to write about them, just enjoy one and see what happens when you follow up with pen and paper!!bikerBlynn

Anonymous said...

The guy working the table at Creative Nonfiction at AWP was the only hot guy at the conference. I say submit to him.

Anonymous said...

sweet, submit to him.....submit more than words i dare ask!?!?!good one cindy for such a wonderful idea! bikerblynn