Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dress Two

Here is my second dress, same pattern. It took me two and a half hours as compared to the several days the first dress took. Ay Caramba. That's the difference between struggling through a near indecipherable set of directions and having finally cracked the code. Seriously, who writes those things? I think they have monkeys writing them. No, seriously. I think they do. Monkeys in tutus that they sewed with their own monkey hands.


Nik said...

Now you're old hat at it.

Anonymous said...

the dress and you look simply fablous. i gotta say, you are correct in guessing monkeys write the pattern instructions. maybe a well qualified MFA would do a much better job? butterwick, vogue and all others watch out, mollyjo will be a callin'. blynn

Nicole said...

Impressive, most impressive! NOt to mention super cute!