Saturday, October 18, 2008

Project Become a Good Sewer

The word sewer is funny. I meant that title to mean "one who sews" and not a "receptable for waste." Now that we have that clarification out of the way, here's where I'm going with that.

I started a sewing class at the adult home ec center here in Knoxville. It's pretty cool. It reminds of Craft Night with my girlfriends in Kalamazoo, minus the free-flowing wine and Benny falling asleep. My first project is a dress that took me forever. Here I am in it:

I worked really hard on it. I like it. I am proud.


Nik said...

Adorable! How great to be able to sew. I have no skill. And ITDT (In these Dark Times for short), it's good to have a skill that will admit you into the post-apocalyptic survivalist compound.

Anonymous said...

I miss you at craft night as well. I gotta say making a dress is a bit more than crafty, it is a skill and you have done yourself, and all who know you, proud ! BLynn

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Anonymous said...

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