Friday, February 10, 2012

Things Atticus Says at Age Two and a Half That I Will Miss

This post is only interesting to me and that's fine. I want a record of this. Here are the things Atticus says the most at age two-and-a-half.

1. Man gotta do.

2. Readabook, Mommy. (Yes, that's all one word and also a command)

3. No, Daddys, talk to Mommys. (Leave me alone, Daddy, I'm trying to talk to Mommy)

4. Yes, sir! (with hand on the top of the head, missing the mark of his forehead slightly)


6. Watch 'yardigans.

7. At-tis have special treat?

8. No, I At-tis. (When asked if he's hungry or if he's a puppy)

9. Good puppy, good puppy.

10. Hi, buddy! Hi, buddy! (to anyone in our neighborhood who will take the time to talk to him)

11. Mommy have yummies? (right before he eats all the food on my plate)

12. Want bacon!

13. At-tis tookies? (Atticus have cookies?)

14. At-tis atman snacks? (Atticus have Batman fruit snacks?)

15. Mommy sit couch watch a show.

16. Daddy on pooter? Watch dancing diggers? (Daddy on computer)

17. Oh, man. Oh, man. (to express disappointment)

18. Dis' a back hoe. (This truck is a back hoe)

19. Grampa's workshop At-tis hammer and nails and saw.

20. Carter, James, Baby Sophie, Sam, Dia, Baby Harper, Weston ... (listing his friends before he goes to bed)

21. Daddy Atman. At-tis Robin.

22. Just a second.

23. Puppy tiss! (Puppy kiss, right before licking your face)


B. Marzoni said...

My favorites? 1, 8, 12, 17 & 21. I miss you guys. Some day we will talk on the phone again.

Sarah Mort said...

Molly, First, Hi. Second, this is the best post. I must remember to do this. But seriously, Atticus is so cute I can just imagine his voice. Wish I was hearing it in person. xoxo, Sarah

DL said...

i kind of love this.