Saturday, February 4, 2012

Warby Parker Challenge, Take Two

Okay, so I wasn't happy with the fit of my first round of choices from Warby Parker (which, by the way, is a really excellent company that I have been very happy to work with over the past couple of weeks. Excellent communication and excellent customer service - plus a great price! Hard to beat).

Okay, please weigh on on these next five. I have a favorite already, but I'll withhold that for now.

1. The Nedwin

2. The Finn (again, but a new color)

3. The Reece

4. The Fitz

5. The Japhy


Dr. M said...

Finn or Reese
MollyJo, I miss your face!

Molly said...

I miss YOUR face. How's Aiken?

DL said...

sHmmmmm....I like the Fitz the best, I think. But, what I really like is the facial expression you have in the Japhy photo. (-;

Nicole said...

I am feeling kind of undecisive at the moment. I am torn between the finn and the japhy. Either one will look lovely!

Molly said...

I went with the Finns in black which was not an option of the photos listed here. Fingers crossed I didn't choose the wrong ones a second time!