Saturday, August 24, 2013

Flat Stanley in Chicagoland!


It was time for Flat Stanley to leave the South and hit the big city, so we sent him to our good friend, Vicki Rakowski.  

Four things to know about Vicki: 1) She's nutso good at karaoke, 2) She's been referred to as Mary Poppins for her uncanny ability with children, 3) She can quote just about all of "The Breakfast Club," and 4) She knows her way around a pirate joke.  So clearly, she just plain rules.  We're all a little jealous Flat Stanley got to go spend time with her.  

In her own words, Vicki describes Flat Stanley's visit:

"Greetings from across the lake! I had a lot of fun with Flat Stanley this week. I live in Brookfield now, which is a suburb  west of the city of Chicago. This is an area I did not know very well before, even though I've lived about a 10 to 20 minute drive away from it for most of my life! But Brookfield is very cool -- there are lots of great places to ride your bike, have a bite to eat and there's even a huge zoo! In fact, the zoo is not too far from my house, so I guess you could say my neighbors are zoo animals.

For my adventure with Flat Stanley, we decided to go to the Art Institute of Chicago. Stanley came with me on my first train ride on the Metra BNSF line, which stands for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe. There is a station right down the street from my house, and the train lets you off in downtown Chicago. Stanley and I walked to the Art Institute so we could look at an exhibit with my friend Alex. Pretty fun! I think Flat Stanley had a good time on his visit to Chicago, and I know I had fun showing him a little bit about where I live!"

Flat Stanley rides the train!

Flat Stanley does the Art Institute!

Thank you for sharing so much culture and adventure with Flat Stanley, Vicki!  We're very grateful and also hopeful that we might be able to make our own trip to see you some time this fall. 

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Dr. M said...

I am jealous of Flat Stanley...I'm always jealous of Flat Stanley, but moreso when Flat Stanley gets to visit one of my favorite people.

When I knew Flat Stanley he was sent overseas with a flight attendant and was nearly confiscated at the Taj Mahal, until his mission of peace was explained to the guards, who then decided to pose with him for a ton of pictures! He has all the best adventures! Flat Stanley is my hero, and I hope that someday I can be even 1/4 as adventurous as he is.