Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008: The Final Countdown

I'm a fan of lists. It's sort of a problem of mine. But as I always say, better to be addicted to lists than Dilaudid. I don't really always say that. That's a sort of new expression I'm trying out.

Top 10 of 2008 (not ranked):

1. Spending loads of time with my mom planning a wedding

2. Taking dance lessons with my awesome dad in preparation for the father/daughter dance

3. Tiptoeing to the garage with my mom, hands full of glasses and champagne to celebrate Michael asking my dad for my hand in marriage, only to be shushed away by Michael because he didn't have the nerve to ask yet - then stumbling over each other in giggles to back away without my dad seeing us

4. The chocolate ice cream I ate the other day because it was the best thing I'd tasted in well over a month - really, one of the only things I'd tasted in well over a month

5. Running through the lovely, flat, cosmopolitan area of East Grand Rapids all summer long, listening to my music, feeling the pavement, nodding at pedestrians, loving the ability of my body to continue moving through it all

6. My bachelorette tubing party with my favorite people, the day lazy, lovely, liquid-filled

7. Celebrating my friends completion of their MFA, which includes all of the following: watching Beth get a giant lightbulb from Bill Olsen, hearing Michael read with his family present, getting to meet Cindy's mom for the first time, listening to Natalie's insanely lovely poetry and uber-feminine Texas voice, celebrating the wonder that is Benny, watching Turcotte get choked up before his reading, then hanging out boozing it up with Michael's sisters at the Roadhouse

8. Wearing the most stupidly gorgeous wedding dress in the universe and seeing Michael at the end of that long aisle

9. Long, leisurely days spent sewing

10. Teaching two of the smartest groups of students I've ever had the pleasure of working with - a particular highlight was a student identifying Morrissey's music as "happily melancholic"

The Bottom 10 of 2008 (not ranked):

1. The diaspora of the best group of friends a girl could ask for, with a particular hit being taken by both Nicole and Cindy's early exit from Michigan - You ladies suck for that

2. The black cloud that is severe sickness which shall thus forth go unnamed

3. Finding bridesmaids' dresses that weren't hideous, easily the most difficult part of the wedding

4. That really bad haircut I got in Knoxville that culminated in an unprecedented fit of hysteria and made me want to leave not only Knoxville but my new husband as well

5. Ruining the experience of shopping for a wedding dress for my mom by having a not-so-unprecedented (apparently) fit of weeping and desperation in a bridal shop, then calling Beth and freaking out about how I was ruining everything for my poor mother

6. Blood sugar testing pin pricks every six hours that left the tips of my finger purple and blue

7. Missing out on Christmas and New Year's

8. Helping my packing-skills deficient husband move

9. Having to give a ridiculously hardworking student a C because her English was just not strong enough yet

10. Struggling to teach one of the top three most challenging students of my seven-year teaching career this past spring


Josh said...

Great lists, Molly. Especially liked Top #5.

Happy to hear you're feeling better. We'll visit soon, and as soon as it's welcome.

Anonymous said...

My fav on either of the list has to do with helping your husband pack. I do believe you were as PC as one can be in such a situation.

Thrilled to hear you are doing better and more excited to hear you can keep ice cream down...other than black russian what better to be able to keep in ones digestive track.

Big big hugs, Blynn