Friday, January 9, 2009

Not Exactly New Year's Resolutions

Here's a list of my goals for 2009. I'm not going to call them New Year's Resolutions because I sort of think those are dumb, though I couldn't rightly give you a strong distinguishing characteristic between that and what follows:

1. Finish the Pilgrimage manuscript and agent it.
2. Find a way to move back to Michigan.
3. Be a more loving and thoughtful wife.
4. Learn all I can about the great American documents.
5. Read Mrs. Dalloway and get Beth to discuss it with me in detail.
6. Go to Church every Sunday.
7. Volunteer at the hospital.
8. Get to a point where I don't hate being pregnant.
9. Buy a new TV.
10. Get to a point where I can eat real adult food and have friends over more frequently for dinner.
11. Set up my own website for both professional and personal updates.
12. Convince as many people as possible that Blackboard is clumsy and unusable.
13. Plant something (if we're staying in Tennessee).
14. Buy my husband a really, really good birthday present that even he would be impressed by.
15. Learn to pronounce more French words while Michael is studying for his French examination.
16. Get comfortable calling my in-laws some variation of the words mom and dad.


Stephanie said...

Seriously, #16...don't even try! I know how hard that is and in a few months you can just go with the old Grands :) That's what I did!!! I hope whatever # the "enjoy pregnancy"one was happens for you soon. It makes it easier when you see all the other happy preggos around!

dan said...

My advice: get cracking now. Post-birth you'll probably find that a day you can do a load of laundry makes you feel very accomplished.

#15: Waste of time. Knowing French was useful a couple hundred years ago, now it's just a way to get class credit. English is the lingua franca now :-)

#16: I agree with Steph. I went with the "I'm looking at you in lieu of using a salutation" method of addressing in-laws for a decade and I am now relieved to have the "grandma/grandpa" crutch instead.

I'd remark on #6 but Steph would yell at me.

Anonymous said...

Regarding #16, my parents called their in laws mother becker, father becker seemed to work for everyone....blynn

B. Marzoni said...

We're going to talk about Mrs. Dalloway! Oh I am so excited! Bring it, darlin'. I'm going to make sure this is one resolution you keep...