Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dream Map

I am a fan of dreams. I'll sit through friends' retelling of them in the hopes of confronting that moment of spine tingling. It's one of the last fronts of mystery.

Last night I dreamt I married quickly, within weeks of knowing someone it seemed, and it was intoxicating. Then I had to rush away from him, from the suffocation and ill decision-making of it, apparently on skis, like these ones. ------>

He chased me, my new husband. I skied and skied and skied. I think I was in Canada when finally, he tackled me in the snow. I leapt in his arms and wept. I was tired of skiing. He carried me with my legs cocooned around his waist. It was dark and there were haloes around the streetlights and he skied us away from there with a big smile on his face

This site:
http://www.sleeps.com/dictionary/sss.html, has nothing on skis. I think they are an odd choice for a dream symbol. I cannot figure this thing.

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Susie said...

Skis, huh. Hey, do you remember your childhood? See, I remember mine and you kept popping up in it. Fancy that! I seem to remember enjoying a few rounds of skiing (hey, it was on a golfcourse) with you. The only real question is, were to skiing to your childhood or away from adulthood? Ok, so it doesn't really matter. Skis are Michigan's winter running shoes. Anything on that site about shoes?