Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day and the Tower of Babel

I don't know how it happened, but I had a whole lot of Memorial Day parties to attend this year. Very fun. Very good people.

An odd coincidence of the Pentecost falling on the same weekend. (Ha ha, Pentecost falling ... only Catholics will get that). All the readings at Mass were done in different languages in honor of Speaking in Tongues and the goal of the reunification of Babel. This is one of my favorite church holidays as I feel it speaks to me as a linguaphile. Part of my job is language and links of language and loving the evolution of language. Nearly every person I spent this weekend with is the same way, so props to all the Babel Uniters out there.

Here's some Memorial Day highlights:
I'm not sure what Kim is trying to unite here, but I dig her accusatory language.

Beth, our uncontested keeper of language and secrets.

Do not ask Ander if that Erasure song is Duran Duran. He will speak in bird language.

Nik, Zoe, and Erik language.

Sort of Natalie's mantra in body language form.

I bop, she bop language.

Must get out of the way for Jo Jo language.

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