Saturday, May 5, 2007

Viva Cleveland!

Cleveland is a very good town if you are like me and you judge a place based on the coolness of stores located in the vicinity. It is Michael's hometown and I think he's rather lucky in that regard. I always thought Grand Rapids was a cool hometown, but I must concede that Cleveland is a tad cooler.

'Just yesterday I went to H&M, Anthropologie, Trader Joe's, and Wild Oats. It makes me sad for Grand Rapids, which I think deserves so very much more. It makes me weep openly for Kalamazoo which has just about nothing going for it if your aesthetic is the aforementioned coolness of stores. The coolest thing going for Kalamazoo is its closeness to Grand Rapids.

Plus, Michael and I went to a Lake County Captains game on Thursday, which is the minor league baseball around these parts and which I thought was awesome fun. Aye, Aye Captains!

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Foxygen said...

But there's a real baseball team there! We went to see the Cedar Rapids Kernals, but there isn't a real baseball team with real players within a 200 mile vicinity.

I don't think there's an H&M in Portland. I might have to do something about that before I move out there.